The Art of Getting By, Mental Health Hour Episode #3

Mental Health Hour is a podcast community composed of Mental Health PH, Light Your Way, Tala Mental Wellness and Silakbo PH As organizations, we each choose a topic we would li

CATHARTIC: Silakbo PH’s August 2017 Issue

Read the full issue here Cathartic is Silakbo's first foray into creating an art and mental health publication This is Issue 00--we do not consider this to be the first issue, a

Journal Entries

If there’s anything that I have been wrong about, it would be thinking that journaling isn’t important, and I’ll tell you why, but before I get to that I’ll

Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Humble Enough to Ask for Help

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) starts in the mind Memories, emotions, nightmares, fears, and other subconscious creatures run amok the synapses, neurons, chemicals, hormone

15 Good Things, or, Reasons to Keep Living

In this list, I want to be as specific as I could (more…)

What I think about when I think about Suicide

It may be hard to believe if you know me, but there are times when I think to myself, “if I died right now, it would not be a big deal” Obviously–I hope–it would be a big

Loneliness and Social Media

We have reached an age of unprecedented connectedness in human history through the internet, smart phones, and all kinds of high-technology We have the internet and social medi

Do anti-depressants make you fat?

Dear you, Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I haven't felt like myself recently I haven't been eating I haven't been running I've been sleeping but not feeling rested Lon