Back to School, Silakbo’s Mental Health Hour Episode #3

Trigger Warning

Trigger warnings: Suicidal ideation, suicide, instances of strong language

This month, a med student, undergrad, person on taking their second undergrad degree, and teacher talk about mental health in the school environment, covering the stress from choosing the wrong course, coping with workloads and intergenerational conflict, dealing with bullying, and more.

Listen to Part 1 here:

Listen to Part 2 here:

Mental Health Hour is a podcast community composed of Mental Health PH, Light Your Way, Tala Mental Wellness and Silakbo PH. As organizations, we each choose a topic we would like to highlight and then take turns producing a podcast episode based on said topic.

Our podcast episode is hosted by Silakbo members Katha Estopace and Paolo Vergara. Guest speakers are Benny Tañedo, Paul Capurcos, Judith Naranjilla, and Jason Ruiz.
Original music was provided by Axel De Lumen. Listen to his music here. Sound production was done by Paolo Vergara, Axel De Lumen, and Rissa Coronel.
Art by Paolo Vergara.
Special thanks to Ethan Colchester, Richalaine Alcantara, and the rest of the Silakbo PH Podcast Volunteer team for their input and assistance.


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