Thea Panganiban compiles and condenses basic information about post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse disorder and schizophrenia into these infographics

The Art of Getting By, Mental Health Hour Episode #3

Mental Health Hour is a podcast community composed of Mental Health PH, Light Your Way, Tala Mental Wellness and Silakbo PH As organizations, we each choose a topic we would li

Boy in the Mirror

Jan Alaba's digital illustration was inspired by this particular Alessia Cara song He has struggled with Dissociative Identity Disorder, diagnosed since 2014 and is still working

Letter to Past Self

Jan Alaba's digital collage was inspired by a real letter he wrote himself He has struggled with Dissociative Identity Disorder, diagnosed since 2014 and is still working and pers

Under Wraps

These striking images aim to raise awareness towards gaslighting and abuse, highlighting the internal delusion of a survivor These wounds never heal over time, and it's never easy

Fighting Off Her Demons

Art can be one's way of purging negative emotions Kitkat Barreiro explores, expresses and copes with her own emotions through her illustrations She says of this:

Mom, this is how my brain works

Dear Mom, wish it were easy to explain to you how my mind works When I come home from school every weekend, worn out like an old sweater, your hugs stitch me back together, on

Have A Look Inside

Have a look at Darlene Turla's gripping photographs that depict a tumultuous inner world The artist herself provides a short write-up per photo Onion-skinned (2017) Anxiety has


y neighbors have a white guard dog tied outside their house She never goes inside Drizzle, storm, heat, the dog stands dutifully outside its master’s house to warn them of intrud

#TalkToSomeJuan, a short film by Mental Health PH

#MentalHealthPH and the Department of Health (Philippines) commemorated September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day through this short film/advocacy video on suicide prevention