Journal Entries

If there’s anything that I have been wrong about, it would be thinking that journaling isn’t important, and I’ll tell you why, but before I get to that I’ll

“Mess,” a short film

Mess is a film that encourages sufferers of mental health problems to seek help

Stop telling me I’m brave for sharing my story.

When my chapbook Nowhere came out, people told me they loved my writing They loved my honesty, my raw emotion I brought relatives and friends alike to tears And I felt guilty for i

Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Humble Enough to Ask for Help

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) starts in the mind Memories, emotions, nightmares, fears, and other subconscious creatures run amok the synapses, neurons, chemicals, hormone

Misery Business

Dear Friend, How are you How are things going Remember how you’d always say I was into weird shit I’ve been into this rap group calledthe Sad Boys, including producers Yu

The Waiting War

Pre-grad Agenda: Don’t Kill Yourself During my last semester in college, I couldn’t wait for graduation to come I found myself depressed and suicidal during a time when ever

How my vulnerability saved me

I knew my insecurities more than I knew myself I treated them as old friends, welcome to stay as long as they wanted in my head I didn’t know how to handle them so I just let the

Stop Please

It sucks to be surrounded by normal people Though, I have to admit, the “normalcy” that I’ve grown accustomed to isn’t quite what most people would expect Over the year

Do anti-depressants make you fat?

Dear you, Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I haven't felt like myself recently I haven't been eating I haven't been running I've been sleeping but not feeling rested Lon

Notes on Personal Growth

When I was in kinder, I was diagnosed with ADHD I was a rowdy kid that could not get along with her classmates and teachers To be honest, the diagnosis shook me to my core, and it