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Editor's Note

These images have been previously published in the first volume of Cathartic, Silakbo's annual zine.

Have a look at Darlene Turla’s gripping photographs that depict a tumultuous inner world. The artist herself provides a short write-up per photo.

Onion-skinned (2017)

Anxiety has the power to turn you into a vulnerable creature. Under its claws, your wings are clipped; you walk away on tip-toes fearing your demons. You’re aware of this, but the claws are too sharp and you grow more and more frustrated with yourself — because who wants to be onion-skinned?

Ang Zahyi Tee (2017)

By its darkness I am swallowed
pale and frozen.

Today I just Want to be Struck by Lightning.(2016)
Today my mind is numb, my body in severe ennui.
Today I just want to be struck with lightning.


Down to My Last Piece (2016)

I created this image in honor of that crucial point in our life battles– including those against ourselves– in which we hold on to that last piece of strength inside us after all else have been expended.

Claustrophobic (2012)


The Power of Perspective (2011)

Sometimes, we deem the world dirty—
Only to realize, in our moments of lucidity
that we just forgot to clean our lenses.
May we live for those moments.

Hiding Place (2011)

People who suffer from depression and anxiety often cope through avoidance.  Some succumb to depressive hibernation, but some find sanctuary in solitude and art. Depression in its severe state, however, is crippling and paralyzing. So that before one reaches this state, it is crucial that the sufferer finds a safe place to hide, be it a support system or a temporary hiatus from the demands of daily existence.



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