The Art of Getting By, Mental Health Hour Episode #3

Mental Health Hour is a podcast community composed of Mental Health PH, Light Your Way, Tala Mental Wellness and Silakbo PH. As organizations, we each choose a topic we would like to highlight and then take turns producing a podcast episode based on said topic. This month, we chose to focus on our specialties: art and mental health.

We talk about the benefits of art for one’s mental health, mental health-related trends in art and the media (trigger warning and spoiler alert: yes, we talk about 13RW) and the responsible portrayal of mental health issues. We also open up about struggles such as comparing ourselves to others, staying motivated to create and delineating between art for oneself/art for others.


Our podcast episode is hosted by Regina Mison, with special guest artists Art Dioxide and Tired Onigiri, and Silakbo members Katha Estopace, Tracey Dela Cruz, Paolo Vergara and Rissa Coronel.

Guest stories were provided by Ada Tabanao, Ana Cunanan, Dara Eoy, Amabel Sumabat and Celestine Trinidad.

Original music was provided by Axel De Lumen. Sound production was done by Paolo Vergara, Axel De Lumen and Rissa Coronel.

Special thanks to Ethan Colchester, Bea Joson, Belle Mapa, Hanna Padilla, Richalaine Alcantara, and the rest of the Silakbo PH Podcast Volunteer team for their input and assistance.

Sources and Additional Resources

​Stuckey, H., & Nobel, J. (2010). The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature. American Journal Of Public Health, 100(2), 254-263.

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Psychological Benefits of Art Therapy

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Silakbo PH is an effort to uplift stories and creative talents, in the context of mental health. Let's fill this space with compassion.

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