#TalkToSomeJuan, a short film by Mental Health PH

#MentalHealthPH and the Department of Health (Philippines) commemorated September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day through this short film/advocacy video on suicide prevention

“Ang Tawag Ni Bes,” isang prosa na akda ni Ethan

Bawat pintig ng orasan, dib dib ko’y kumakabog, dapat na bang tuluyan Habang pinagmamasdan ko ang kalawakan, ramdam ko ang mahinang tapik ng hangin sa aking mga balikat at sin

Stop telling me I’m brave for sharing my story.

When my chapbook Nowhere came out, people told me they loved my writing They loved my honesty, my raw emotion I brought relatives and friends alike to tears And I felt guilty for i

The Waiting War

Pre-grad Agenda: Don’t Kill Yourself During my last semester in college, I couldn’t wait for graduation to come I found myself depressed and suicidal during a time when ever

What I think about when I think about Suicide

It may be hard to believe if you know me, but there are times when I think to myself, “if I died right now, it would not be a big deal” Obviously–I hope–it would be a big