mental health awareness

The Audience Matters, Silakbo’s Mental Health Hour Episode #2

This month, we explore a different side of us While the last one focused on us being artists/creators, this one focuses more on us as an audience that appreciates what these cr

#TalkToSomeJuan, a short film by Mental Health PH

#MentalHealthPH and the Department of Health (Philippines) commemorated September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day through this short film/advocacy video on suicide prevention

Being There for a Friend

Having a friend with mental health needs This is by no means a guide on how all people with mental illness act, but there were commonalities seen between the situations shared If

Being There, According to People with Mental Health Needs

This is the first of the Being There series--a guide on how to be a good support system for people with mental health needs, according to people who have mental health needs thems

#FeaturedAdvocate: Apple Nocom

I always knew she had a knack for writing and literature, as we met at our college library's official org It makes me so proud to see how much of a splash she's making with h

#FeaturedAdvocate: Amber Carmona

We met online, and I immediately noticed how active she was in promoting mental health awareness Her self-care posts are like light in a mostly negative social media feed We'v

“Hiraya,” a short film

Hiraya is a short film about patient diagnosed with schizophrenia, and how her family copes with the illness This is their entry in #Cinemedicine2017, a film-making contest

Misery Business

Dear Friend, How are you How are things going Remember how you’d always say I was into weird shit I’ve been into this rap group calledthe Sad Boys, including producers Yu