CATHARTIC: Silakbo PH’s August 2017 Issue

Read the full issue here.

Cathartic is Silakbo’s first foray into creating an art and mental health publication. This is Issue 00–we do not consider this to be the first issue, as our original vision for this was a one-off publication. The desire to continue came after this one.

Contributors to this issue include Kitkat Barreiro, Reina Bambao, Paolo Dumlao and Eric Vincent David, Sara Eleazar, Hanna Padilla, Jeanedelle Sinco, Lei Ancheta, Darlene Turla, Anna Cunanan, Stephanie Rue, Andrew Elgo, and Tired Onigiri.

Content edited by Rissa Coronel. Design and layout by Tired Onigiri, Jan Belmonte, and Bianca Aguilar.

Cover art: “Drowning in Reverie,” a digital collage by Art Dioxide.

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