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“Silakbo” is Filipino for “an outburst of emotions that demands to be felt.” Ang bugso ng damdamin na nanghihingi ng panahon.

Silakbo PH is an effort to uplift stories in the context of mental health awareness. As art allows for catharsis and self-expression, we aim to uplift stories of mental health awareness through creative means: be it a poem, a painting or a playlist, any medium that best expresses your story is welcome. We hope that telling stories through this way will destigmatize and shed light upon the importance of mental health, not just for those with formal diagnoses, but for everyone.


For information on our plans and projects, please feel free to go through our primer:


Legal/disclaimers: Posts on this site do not represent a professional’s opinion. While contributors and members of the site may be open to discourse and conversation, they are not in any way a viable substitute for professional help. You can look through this list of mental health resources in the Philippines, should you feel the need to seek professional help.

All contributor posts have been voluntarily shared to Silakbo PH with full knowledge that it will be promoted and others will read the content.